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  • Improve our capability to rescue and care for more animals
  • Operate our Wildlife Rescue Office 365 days a year
  • Subsidise food costs for wildlife in care
  • Provide community wildlife information and education
  • Provide wildlife training courses for volunteers and the community
  • Support our volunteers
  • Grow our service so that we can help wildlife for generations to come

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Did you know that WIRES...

  • Receives tens of thousands of calls each year to help sick, injured and orphaned native animals.
  • Trains hundreds of people in wildlife rescue and care every year and has 2500 volunteers
  • Has been serving wildlife and the community for over 30 years
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24/7 Wildlife Rescue Response

Rescued Koala

WIRES has been an essential first-responder providing rescue advice and assistance for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife 365 days a year for almost 35 years.

Despite our extensive experience nothing could have prepared us for the last 9 months. The long-road to recovery is underway but the ramifications of recent disasters will impact wildlife long-term.

During what has become known as Black Summer, Australia was devastated by the worst fire season in history, in the wake of one of the worst droughts on record. The fires resulted in the destruction of millions of hectares of land much of which was threatened species habitat. After the fires were floods, followed by a global pandemic.

Conservatively over 1 billion animals were estimated to have been lost and some of the species that were impacted most dramatically, many were already endangered or in decline.

Huntress is one of the koalas rescued in January near where a bushfire destroyed large areas of the Blue Mountains National Park. She is two years old and was originally rescued by an office duty police officer. Huntress was in acute renal failure and was suffering from a bacterial infection which is extremely aggressive. Multiple vets thought she would be unlikely to survive the infection, or the systemic antibiotic treatment but she proved them wrong and was able to be released late May after being in care with WIRES for 127 days.

We deeply thank everyone that has donated or offered help over these challenging months. We are inspired on an ongoing basis by the support of the community and the outstanding rescue and care work provided by our rescue team and volunteers to help hundreds of sick, injured and orphaned native animals every day. With your ongoing support we will continue to increase our capacity to help higher numbers of animals and to do all we can to help protect wildlife and preserve the future of all native species in the wild.

If you are a new WIRES supporter looking for an easy way to help wildlife every day, you are invited to join our Virtual Carer program

All gifts to WIRES $2 and over are tax-deductible within Australia.

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